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Monday through Thursday with reduced hours
We are offering regular in-office visits, as well as telehealth appointments for a number of services. Please call (972) 566-8300 for more information.
If you are experiencing symptoms of cough, fever, shortness of breath/difficulty breathing, diarrhea, chills, muscle pains, loss of taste or smell, or have been exposed to someone who has tested positive with COVID-19, we ask that you kindly call to reschedule your appointment and instead call your primary care physician or visit your nearest emergency room.
If you are having a medical emergency, please call 9-1-1.


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Types of Hearing Loss

June 22nd, 2020

Are you having trouble hearing? Are you unsure why? Hearing loss can be caused by a number of factors. Let’s delve into some common causes of hearing loss.
First, it’s important to understand the basic anatomy of the ear. There are three major parts of the ear- the outer, middle, and inner ear (as shown in the figure below)

The outer ear contains the ear canal, which is connected to the eardrum. The middle ear contains the eardrum and middle ear bones. This portion of the ear is also connected to the nose and throat by a tube called the Eustachian Tube. The inner ear is where the hearing organ, called the cochlea, sits (along with part of our balance system). Sound travels through each part of the ear until it reaches the cochlea. The cochlea then sends the sound through a nerve, called the auditory nerve, to the brain. Then the brain decodes the information to determine what is being heard.
When a person has trouble hearing, the issue could be occurring in any part of the ear, including the parts of the brain that are connected to the ear. When a person goes to an Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT) physician and/or an audiologist, it’s the doctor’s job to determine where the issue is occurring.

Here are some common forms of hearing loss that occur due to problems with the outer ear:

1. Earwax- if earwax or any other foreign object occludes the ear canal, it can block sound from getting through and will cause you to feel like your hearing is muffled.
a. Solution: Earwax/foreign body removal can be completed at the doctor’s office. We do not recommend using Q-tips for removing earwax, as this can actually push the earwax farther into your ear. You also run the risk of damaging your eardrum when you can’t see what you are doing.

2. Exostoses- AKA “Surfer’s ear” can occur when ears are exposed to cold water repeatedly. This constant exposure causes bony swelling in the ear canal, which looks like little “hills” of skin that begin to create a blockage in the ear canal. If the bony growths get too large, they can block sound from getting through.
a. Solution: A surgical procedure can remove the bony growths and revise hearing.

3. Outer ear infections- AKA “Swimmer’s ear” can occur when fungus or bacteria grows inside the ear. This often happens with swimmers that can’t/don’t get the water out of their ears after swimming, but can occur in non-swimmers, as well. If the infection progresses enough, it can cause muffled hearing, along with its other symptoms.
a. Solution: Your ENT or primary care physician can prescribe medication to treat the infection.

4. Eardrum rupture- The eardrum, which separates the outer and middle ear, can rupture. Eardrum ruptures can occur in the presence of air pressure changes (like flying on an airplane). Cold, sinus, and allergy issues can also be the cause of a ruptured eardrum when the Eustachian tube is not able to pressurize the ear properly. Eardrum ruptures can also occur from a foreign object in the ear (such as a Q-tip). Holes in the eardrum prevent it from doing its job in the hearing process, which often leads to a temporary hearing loss.
a. Solution: Eardrums often heal on their own. However, your ENT may prescribe something to help with the pain and healing process when this occurs. If the eardrum does not heal on its own, your ENT may perform a surgical procedure to patch the hole.
b. If the hole cannot be patched, a hearing aid can help you hear in that ear.

5. Birth defects can also occur in which a person is born with a malformed outer ear.
a. This can often be corrected by surgery.

Here are some common forms of hearing loss that occur due to problems with the middle ear:

1. Otitis Media- AKA a middle ear infection occurs when fluid from the nose and throat area travels through the Eustachian tube and fills up the middle ear space. This fluid can be infectious or non-infectious, but will often cause a hearing loss either way as it fills up the space in the middle ear.
a. Solution: Your primary care physician can often prescribe antibiotics and other medication to clear up the infection. However, if it persists, they will likely refer you to an ENT. If the infection does not clear up with use of medication, the ENT may suggest pressure equalization tubes (PE tubes) to drain the fluid out of your ears.

2. Ossicular chain discontinuity- The bones in the middle portion of your ear are attached to each other. However, they can detach from each other in certain circumstances, such as a trauma to the head. When the bones become detached, they cannot do their job properly and lead to a hearing loss.
a. Solution: Your ENT can sometimes perform a surgical procedure to reconstruct the bones. For some, the procedure restores their hearing. However, the procedure does not guarantee that hearing will be restored. Some patients continue to have hearing loss after the procedure.
b. For those that continue to have hearing loss after the procedure, or prefer not to undergo surgery, a hearing aid can help you hear.

3. Cholesteotoma- A cholesteotoma is a non-cancerous growth of tissue that can form in the middle ear space and block the components in the middle ear from sending sound to the inner ear.
a. Solution: Your ENT can perform a surgical procedure to remove the growth. For some people, cholesteotomas may regrow over time and need future procedures to remove new growths.
b. For some, the procedure restores the hearing. However, the procedure does not guarantee that hearing will be restored. Some patients continue to have hearing loss after the procedure.
c. For those that continue to have hearing loss after the procedure, a hearing aid can help you hear.

4. Birth defects can also occur in which a person is born with a malformed middle ear.
a. This can sometimes be corrected by surgery, dependent on the extent of the malformation.

Here are some common forms of hearing loss that occur due to problems with the inner ear:

1. Damage to the hearing organ- AKA sensory hearing loss, occurs when there is damage to the cochlea. The cochlea contains thousands of little hair cells that are stimulated by sound. These little hair cells will then send the sound to the brain through the auditory nerve. Damage to these hair cells, which prevent the sound from getting to the brain, can occur for several different reasons:
a. Age-related hearing loss: over time, many people will begin to lose their hearing as the natural aging process takes its toll on the cochlea and hair cells begin to die off.
b. Noise-exposure damage: If a person is exposed to damagingly loud sounds for too long, the pressure from those loud sounds can knock the hair cells over. With repeated exposure, the hair cells will die off completely.
c. Birth defects: some people are born with a damaged hearing organ, causing them to be born with hearing loss.
d. Physical trauma: traumatic head injuries can sometimes reach the cochlea and cause damage to the hearing organ.
e. High fever
f. Ototoxic medications: some medications (ex: cisplatin and other forms of chemotherapy) cause irreparable damage to the hearing organ.
g. Some viruses and diseases
h. Heredity
Hearing loss from damage to the hearing organ cannot be restored (at this time). If your hearing loss is due to damage to the hearing organ, hearing aids (or possibly a cochlear implant) can help you hear better.

Hearing loss can also have neural origins.

1. Neural hearing loss can be caused by:
a. Lesions- Lesions on the auditory nerve or near the hearing center of the brain can cause difficulty hearing and processing sound.
b. Neuropathy- Auditory Neuropathy Spectrum Disorder (ANSD) refers to disorders in which the inner ear is often healthy and can successfully detect sound. Instead, it is the proper transmission of that sound from the inner ear to the brain that is unsuccessful.
i. People with ANSD may show normal hearing on a hearing test, but struggle with understanding speech. Those who show hearing loss may appear to struggle with speech understanding more than the average person with a similar hearing test result.
c. Certain diseases and syndromes can also cause neural hearing loss.

Hearing loss with neural origins often coincides with other symptoms aside from hearing loss alone. This type of hearing loss can only be diagnosed by a physician. Depending on the cause, neural hearing loss may be treatable, but may be permanent. Treatment options for neural hearing loss may include surgery, medication, rehabilitation therapy, hearing aids, or cochlear implants.
This post lists some common causes of hearing loss, but is not exhaustive. If you are looking for answers about your hearing loss, contact your ENT or audiologist to schedule an appointment.

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April Hearing Aid Promo!

April 13th, 2020

2020 has been a year of uncertainty. Life has gotten harder for almost everyone. We want to be there for you for the plans you had before the world turned upside down. If you or a loved one is having trouble hearing and needs help through hearing aids, we are running a promotion through the month of April for a variety of premium hearing aids.

$1,250 off a pair of Resound Quattro 9 hearing aids (stock is limited)

$1,000 off a pair of Widex Evoke 440 hearing aids

$1,000 off a pair of Starkey Livio 2400 hearing aids

Promotional pricing valid now through April 30th, 2020.

Give us a call at 972-566-8300 if you are ready to hear better today and be sure to mention the April promo J


*Hearing aids must be purchased during the month of April 2020.

*Hearing aid fittings will require a one-time appointment in office.

Accommodations during the coronavirus outbreak:

Typically, the first two-three months of wearing hearing aids require multiple visits to the audiologist for programming. For patients at high-risk for COVID-19 (or those that can’t/choose not to make multiple appointments at this time), devices can be set for remote programming through the use of your personal smart phone. This will allow us to do hearing aid adjustments over the phone, without the need to come into the office for your follow-ups.

If you have a recent hearing test, please let us know, as this can also save you an appointment.

Please call our office for more accommodation information.

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Swimming Season is here! Save on your Child’s Custom Ear Plugs!

March 23rd, 2018

As temperatures heat up, so do cases of swimmer’s ear (otitis externa)—a painful condition that increases during summer months as kids spend hours in the pool.

The physicians of Dallas ENT Group treat swimmer’s ear cases year round, however, we typically see a spike during the summer.

Ear Molds can help avoid Swimmer’s Ear!

Preventing swimmer’s ear is fairly easy; but not always an attractive option for children. The best advice is to keep ears as dry as possible. Custom fitted ear plugs will help avoid swimmer’s ear infections. We are excited to offer custom fitted ear plugs in an array of colors here at Dallas ENT Group. We recommend our patients thoroughly dry their ears after swimming or showering. The less moisture in your ear, the better.

Contact us for swimmer’s ear treatment where our Dallas ENT Group physicians are ready to diagnose and treat swimmer’s ear. Call us at 972-566-8300 today to set an appointment with our ENT physicians. Offer ends May 31st!

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Meet the winner of the “New Year New You” Contest!

March 14th, 2018

Dear Friends,

Congratulations! Meet the winner of the “New Year New You” contest who received a FREE pair of hearing aids. Thank you to his daughter who nominated him and made the gift of hearing possible!

We commend all of our patients who submitted entries. Your stories were incredible! Please be on the lookout for a hearing aid gift certificate from us in the mail!

Dr. Botts and the entire Dallas ENT Group staff

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More Lips, No Lines for Valentines!

January 23rd, 2018

We are excited to kick off 2018 with you by exclusively offering a low promotional Botox price to our patients!

Now that you have recovered from the holidays, it is time to do something nice for you! Valentine’s Day is coming up and it’s time to show someone you care. Why not do something for yourself? Look your best this Valentine’s by finally doing something about those wrinkles and lines. Better yet, men, do something unique for your significant other this Valentine’s day and let her pamper herself.

We are offering a Botox and Juvederm special on Friday, February 9th from 1pm to 4pm!

Our cosmetics are administered by Dr. Thomas Hung who is a double board certified ENT physician as well as a Facial Plastic Surgeon. When you sign up for Botox or Juvederm, you can be sure that you will be seeing the best in the field, not just a technician.

During this event, we will be offering Botox at a price of $12/unit (minimum of 25 units).

Juvederm Ultra XC is on sale for $600 for the 1st syringe and $500 for additional syringes.

What are Botox and Juvederm?

BOTOX® Cosmetic is commonly used to reduce or eliminate the appearance of facial wrinkles. It is injected under the skin into areas surrounding the eyes, forehead and mouth to smooth crow’s feet, frown and worry lines, and lines on the neck. Made from a purified protein, BOTOX® relaxes wrinkles and gives the face a rejuvenated look. BOTOX® may also be useful for migraine headaches, excessive sweating, and eye and neck muscle spasms.

Juvéderm® is an injectable gel that gently reverses many signs of aging in the face, including fine lines and wrinkles, crow’s feet, thinning lips and loosening skin. It can also “plump up” the lips, sculpt the cheeks, and restore a youthful oval shape to the face. It is made with hyaluronic acid, a natural substance found in the body that works with collagen and elastin to give volume and support to the skin. Because it is non-animal-based and highly biocompatible, no pre-treatment testing is needed. Juvéderm comes in three formulas optimized for the depth of the area being treated. Results last about 6-9 months and can be made to last even longer with a simple follow-up treatment a few weeks after the initial injection.

Read the rest of this entry »

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Free Hearing Aid Contest! A New Year, A New You!

December 8th, 2017

Dear Friends,

This holiday season, Dallas ENT Group is hosting an event as a way to give back to our community. It’s called New Year New You and we are giving away a free pair of hearing aids to a derserving community member just in time for the holidays.

Large family gatherings can be a difficult and uncomfortable situation for a person who has hearing difficulty. Don’t let your friend or family member stress through another year without hearing! Give them the gift of hearing this year by nominating them for the New Year New You contest.

All you have to do is:

1. Fill out the application completely. New Year New You Application PDF

2. Mail, fax, or email the completed application.

3. Repeat for every friend and family member that you know who could use a pair of hearing aids.

The deadline for the applications is December 21, 2017.

This event is only successful when you help us find a deserving member of our community to give a hearing aid to. Thank you for your help in giving back to our community.

Happy Holidays!

Dr. Botts and the entire Dallas ENT Group staff

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Introducing Holly McNatt – Clinical Allergy Specialist at Dallas ENT Group

November 6th, 2017

We are pleased to announce that our Clinical Allergy Specialist, Holly McNatt has joined our team!

Holly grew up in Plano and moved to San Marcos to attend college in Fall of 2013. In May of 2017; she graduated Cum Laude from Texas State University with a degree in Nutrition and Foods with a concentration in dietetics. In the past, she has worked with a variety of patients including geriatrics, pregnant mothers, infants, and toddlers. Experiencing allergies herself; she relates to what her patients experience on a daily basis. Holly’s goal as a Clinical Allergy Specialist is to work with patients to improve their overall health and reduce the impact allergy symptoms have on their life.

Help us in welcoming Holly to the Dallas ENT Group team!

Now that many plans have deductibles that are already met this time of year, what better time to finally get your allergy symptoms under control with our in home allergy immunotherapy treatment!

Ask us about how to get the relief you need and breathe easy this holiday season!

Call 972-566-8300

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Scare your wrinkles away with Boo-tox and Juvederm!

October 6th, 2017


For Botox clients (those of you who have always been curious and never tried it, or those of you who haven’t come to us yet for Botox, or those of you who haven’t had a touch-up in a while), we are offering a limited-time special on Botox for $12/unit! Bring a friend in with you to get Botox and it’s only $10/unit (Minimum 25 units)!!!

BOTOX for only $12/unit! Bring a friend and you will both receive it for only $10/unit!!! (minimum 25 units)

Juvederm Ultra XC is on sale for $575 for the 1st syringe and $550 for additional syringes.

Call to schedule, space is limited!
(972) 566-8300

Botox cosmetics must be done on Friday October 27th 2017.
No discount on partial areas.

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Have you heard? Come in for a FREE Hearing Screening & also receive 10% off on Hearing Aids!

May 19th, 2017

FREE Hearing Screening | Dallas ENT Group | Dallas, TX

Hearing loss is one of the most common American health problems, yet it often goes undetected because symptoms can be gradual. Despite the fact that more than 31 million Americans report some type of hearing problem, only about 13% of U.S. physicians routinely screen their patients for hearing loss during physical exams. May is Better Hearing & Speech Month, a national hearing awareness campaign, and we are offering Free Hearing Screenings for all patients 50 years old and older for the month of May.

Some common signs of hearing loss may include:
• Inattentiveness
• Buzzing or ringing in the ears
• Failure to respond to spoken words
• Muffled hearing
• Constant frustration hearing speech and other sounds
• Avoiding conversation
• Social isolation
• Depression

A professional hearing screening can tell with certainty if you’re experiencing hearing loss, if you need further evaluation, and if there are options to help you hear better. We are excited to offer this service at no charge. Please share this information with anyone who may want to take advantage of this opportunity – friends, relatives, your spouse (hint, hint).

We look forward to seeing you at this special event! Please call 972.566.8300 to reserve your appointment and mention that you want the “Better Hearing May Free Hearing Test”.

If you would like to improve your hearing with the purchase of a hearing aid; May is a great time to do so! You will receive a 10% discount on your cost of the hearing aid*. Just simply mention coupon code: Better Hearing May to earn the discount.

An incredible value of up to $765!!!

*Free Hearing Test & 10% discount only valid 5/19/2017 – 5/31/2017
*Not valid on previous purchases
*Must mention coupon when hearing aid order is being placed to receive discount

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May is Asthma & Allergy Awareness Month!

May 12th, 2017

Do you know one of our greatest services is providing treatment for allergy sufferers that allow them to eliminate their over-the-counter medication for good?

Spring is here and we all can’t wait to enjoy the good weather, but not at the expense of good health. Dallas ENT Group can provide safe and convenient allergy testing and treatment via individually customized immunotherapy. No weekly appointments necessary! Also, we take almost all major insurance plans and offer payment plans!

The best part is, you can do the treatment right at home!

With the personalized care you receive at Dallas ENT Group, you will be tested for the 48 most common allergies in the area and have your customized treatment plan all overseen by your ENT doctor. Once you have your personalized treatment plan, you can administer your therapy at home at your convenience.


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