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Tongue & Hyoid Suspension

The Tongue and Hyoid Suspension System (THSS) is a minimally invasive surgical treatment designed to relieve obstructive sleep apnea, which is caused by an obstructed airway. Our specially trained Dallas ENT Surgeons use a device to implant a small sling-like suture inside, underneath your chin, similar to a hammock, to support your tongue and keep it from falling backward during sleep — keeping your airway open. To further open the airway, the device can also be used to implant a sling-like suture to the hyoid bone, which is the bone at the base of the tongue. This advances the hyoid bone forward to help open the airway behind the tongue. 

The THSS procedure is an alternative to more invasive traditional surgery such as a maxillomandibular advancement (MMA), which moves the jaw top (maxilla) and bottom (mandible) forward or the genioglossus advancement (GA) procedure, which cuts out a window of bone on the lower side of your chin and then re-fixed to the jaw to move the tongue muscle forward. The THSS procedure does not require complex bone removal or jaw repositioning, nor does it typically change your facial profile, resulting in shortened recovery time.

The THSS is effective at reducing your Apnea Hypopnea Index (AHI) — by as much as 73%.  A reduced AHI means you are breathing more and getting more oxygen into your system. Patients who have had the procedure have reported significant improvements in daytime sleepiness.


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