Custom Earmolds

Custom earmolds are made to fit several different hearing and ear safety needs. Here are a few of the different types of earmolds we supply:

  • Swimplugs
  • Sleep plugs
  • Musician earplugs
  • Sound attenuation earplugs
  • Amplified stethoscopes
  • Digital hearing protection for hunting/shooting
  • Hearing aid earmolds
  • Communications systems earpieces

What To Expect

For most, your first appointment for custom earmolds will be to take an impression of your ear canals. Using a silicone putty material, we will safely fill your ear canal and outer ear with silicone, which dries in your ear within a couple of minutes. After deciding on the specific type of mold you are needing, the impressions will be sent to the manufacturer to be made. The first appointment generally takes around 15 minutes.

Within a couple of weeks, the completed earmolds will be sent back to our office. You will return to our office so that we can verify proper fit of your new earmolds.

Some people, especially when the earmolds are needed for in-ear monitors or for work, will only need impressions, as they will be sending the impressions to the manufacturer directly. For this, everything can be done in one appointment.

If you have questions, or would like to schedule an earmold impression appointment, please give us a call at 972-566-8300.

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