Advantages of Allergy Immunotherapy that you never knew but should.


Allergy skin testing for common Texas allergens and how to resolve them for adults and children.

Advantages of Allergy Immunotherapy
Allergy shots are widely regarded as a more effective treatment for allergies, and one that can actually decrease the progression of allergies. Medicines such as antihistamines simply cover the symptoms and can cause severe drowsiness. Your allergy immunotherapy treatment may even be covered by your existing insurance policy. If you have a question about your coverage simply call us or contact your insurance company.

What Types of Allergies Can Be Treated With Immunotherapy?
A wide range of allergies can be treated with immunotherapy. Texas is commonly known as “the allergy capital of the world.” Common allergens in our part of the country that trigger the common symptoms of congestion, sneezing, and itching are typically plant-based pollens. Immunotherapy is generally regarded as a sound treatment for allergic reactions to pollen. In addition, immunotherapy can also treat allergic reactions to mold, dust mites, and animal dander.

Why Not Start Today?
You can start on your path to becoming allergy-free today. Just call Dallas ENT Group at 972-566-8300 to set up your allergy testing appointment today!

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