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At Dallas ENT Group, we provide comprehensive care for a wide range of ear conditions. Our expert team treats ear infections, as well as more complex issues like perforated eardrums. We also address hearing loss, middle and outer ear infections, and other auditory concerns. 

Below is a list of the many ear conditions we treat at Dallas ENT Group:

  • Ear infections/drainage

  • Ear pressure

  • Ear pain

  • Earwax Removal

  • Perforated Eardrums

  • Scuba diving issues

  • Skin cancer and growths on the ear

  • Hearing loss and difficulty hearing

  • Otitis media (middle ear infections)

  • Otitis externa (outer ear infections/swimmer's ear)

For more information about our services and the ear conditions we treat, please call our office at (972) 566-8300.

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