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Discover comprehensive care for a variety of throat conditions at Dallas ENT Group. From addressing airway and breathing issues to managing sleep apnea and thyroid disorders, our specialized team offers expert diagnosis and treatment. Whether you're dealing with hoarseness, difficulty swallowing, or head and neck masses, we're dedicated to improving your health and well-being. Explore our services and experience personalized care designed to meet your specific needs.

Below are some of the many throat conditions we treat:

  • Airway/Breathing Issues

  • Difficulty Swallowing

  • Head and Neck Masses

  • Hoarseness

  • Salivary Gland Issues

  • Tonsil and Adenoid Issues

  • Tonsil Stones

  • Tongue Lesions

  • Thyroid Issues

  • Sleep Apnea

  • Vocal Cord Issues

  • Enlarged Lymph Nodes

  • Parotid Gland Masses

  • Submandibular Masses

For more information about our services and the ear conditions we treat, please call our office at (972) 566-8300.

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